They have a double shot of new fiction over at the Winter 2012 Subterranean Magazine issue for you.

First up is Joe R. Lansdale, who has a most excellent new novel, Edge of Dark Water, due soon. His tale for Subterranean, “The Drunken Moon,” isn’t a long one, but shows off a deft poetic touch.

Next up is “Seeräuber” by Maria Dahvana Headley, a writer who was new to us just a few months ago. Maria’s debut novel, Queen of Kings, isn’t your usual vampire fare. None other than Peter Straub wrote “Queen of Kings is a miracle, a marvel. Nothing on earth could make me read a novel about Cleopatra, but this book reeled me in almost instantly and kept me in suspense, charmed, and astonished all the way to the amazing ending.”

You’ll also find:

  • Fiction: Water Can’t Be Nervous by Jonathan Carroll
  • Fiction: The Least of the Deathly Arts by Kat Howard
  • Fiction: Treasure Island: A Lucifer Jones Story by Mike Resnick
  • Fiction: Three Lilies And Three Leopards (And A Participation Ribbon In Science) by Tad Williams

It’s all online and it’s all free: Subterranean Winter 2012

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