Cemetery Dance has announced the publication of Wild Things: Four Tales by Douglas Clegg. This brand new, previously unannounced mini-collection is already in-stock and ready to ship. The signed Limited Edition hardcover is just $20!

A special quartet of stories dealing with creatures of the wild — some are wolf, some bird, some the most terrifying of beasts: the human variety – make up Wild Things.  Two of these tales — “The Wolf” and “The American” — are previously unpublished. “The Wolf” is the dark story of a wolf hunter who guides a younger man up a mountain to kill a wolf that has been slaughtering in the valley below. “The American” takes place at a late-night cafe in Rome where foreigners gather. On this particular night a stranger steps out of the shadowy park to sit at the sidewalk tables and speak of love and murder. In “A Madness of Starlings,” a father, teaching his children about protection from the predators of life, takes in a fledgling bird. But when it’s time for the bird to fly away, the forces of nature come undone and a secret wisdom and terror enter the mind of the one who understands the language of birds. Finally, in “The Dark Game,” a war hero and his men are captured and taken into a prison camp. There, tortures and torments await them, but the man named Gordon Raglan begins to use a childhood game of escape to help him discover a way to hunt the wolves surrounding him.

Wild Things: Four Tales is a unique and exclusive Cemetery Dance book, with no other editions planned anywhere in the world at this time. To order or to find out more: Wild Things

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