Wife Swap, a family show on ABC primetime, is looking for a family of horror fans.

“We want to feature a family of long time horror fans,” says Rachelle Mendez, the casting producer with Wife Swap. “We encourage all families, the bolder and more adventurous the better, with 2 parents at home and school aged children (6-17) to apply immediately. The family can belong to any aspect of the horror community – as fans, collectors, writers, film makers – it really makes no difference, as long as the family is genuinely passionate about horror.”

The premise of Wife Swap is simple: two moms from two very different families get the opportunity to swap lives (but not bedrooms – everyone has their own!) for a week to experience what it’s like to live a different lifestyle – and to see what they can teach each other about their own lifestyle!

Each family that tapes an episode of Wife Swap receives $20,000 as compensation for their time. Anyone who refers a family that appears on the program receives $1000 as a thank you.
“I would greatly appreciate you forwarding my information on to any of your family members, friends, and associates who might be interested in sharing their lives with us for a week,” Mendez added.

If you have any questions, or would like to apply, please contact Mendez by phone or by email: Rachelle Mendez, Casting Associate Producer, RDF USA. 1790 Broadway 11th Floor, New York, NY 10019. Phone: 1 646-747-7948 E-mail: Rachelle Mendez. Website: Wife Swap

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