Vampires seem to be a hot topic lately. We pointed you to a piece by Neil Gaiman last week, and now we have another article we thought would interest you. This one is a New York Times Opt-Ed column by director Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan in advance of their novel, The Strain.

They write: “Herein lies an important clue: in contrast to timeless creatures like the dragon, the vampire does not seek to obliterate us, but instead offers a peculiar brand of blood alchemy. For as his contagion bestows its nocturnal gift, the vampire transforms our vile, mortal selves into the gold of eternal youth, and instills in us something that every social construct seeks to quash: primal lust. If youth is desire married with unending possibility, then vampire lust creates within us a delicious void, one we long to fulfill.

“In other words, whereas other monsters emphasize what is mortal in us, the vampire emphasizes the eternal in us. Through the panacea of its blood it turns the lead of our toxic flesh into golden matter.”

You can read what else they have to say here: Why Vampires Never Die

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