Brick Marlin Continues the Sectors Series

Author Brick Marlin has been hard at work writing his bizarre “Sectors” series. The second book in the series, “Blue Lights in A Jar”, is a dark fantasy tale with ghosts and colorful characters of the like. Brick said his plans are to write these novels where a reader will not have to read the first book to catch up with, say, the fifth one. Each book could almost be considered stand-alone novels. Each will have different settings, different plots, but a reader may recognize the same characters lurking around here and there.

A villain called the Shepherd has lost one of his flock, a soul who he has collected and has stuffed in a jar, placing it in his room in Purgatory. A kind-hearted, plump fellow named Vergil is the flock’s only hope not only to escape the Shepherd, but to find the way to Heaven. Follow along as the world shifts into odd scenery of the afterlife where one encounters the dead – but not long forgotten.

Brick Marlin is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has published seven novels; three more are forthcoming this year. His other work includes short stories, a nonfiction article and writing game modules and other supplements for an upcoming role playing game by Hydra Gaming. Brick lives in Southern Indiana with his wife and two shelties. You can find him at

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