Eibonvale Press has released the anthology, Where Are We Going?, edited by Allen Ashley in both hardcover and paperback editions.

Description: Allen Ashley (The Elastic Book of Numbers, Subtle Edens, Catastrophia) returns to the anthology format with an ambitious themed collection of stories based on the idea that the world we live in is still something of an unknown planet, with spectacular encounters, adventures and mysteries still very much possible.

The result is a collection of tales of urban decay and angst – jaunts to unexpected and unexplained kingdoms – holidays and excursions to strange and unnerving destinations. A familiar earth that’s slightly skewed – or maybe never was. This is a collection of journeys of the imagination from some of the best authors in modern Slipstream, SF, Fantasy and Horror.


  • Are We Nearly There Yet – Introduction by Allen Ashley
  • Dead Countries – Gary Budgen
  • A Faraway City – Joel Lane
  • The Way the World Works – Ian Sales
  • A Guide to Surviving Malabar – Ian Shoebridge
  • The Human Map – Andrew Hook
  • Journey to the Engine of the Earth – Terry Grimwood
  • The Discord of Being – Alison J. Littlewood
  • Xana-La – Stephen Palmer
  • At the Rail – Andrew Coburn
  • The Bridge – A. J. Kirby
  • The Chain – Frank Roger
  • Our Island – Ralph Robert Moore
  • Underpass – Daniella Geary
  • Overnight Bus – Marion Pitman
  • Wake with the Light – Jet McDonald
  • Future Prospects (Poem) – Geoff Stevens
  • Entanglement – Douglas Thompson

You can pick this one up directly from the publisher here: Where Are We Going?

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