Here’s Weston Ochse’s schedule TusCon, which starts today. If anyone wants to pop in, they can choose which hour and time. There are some professional Ghost Hunters attending the convention who will be showing their wares and giving a few seminars. Ochse intends on attending some of those as well.

6:00 Convention Primer. De Priest, Ochse, Vela. St. Augustine.
7:00 Meet the Guests. Gold Ballroom.
8.00 Judging Pima County Library Short Story Contest

1:00 An hour with GoH Weston Ochse. St Augustine.
2:00 Mass Autograph Session. Silver Ballroom.
3:00 Judging the Cos-Play Costume Competition. Gazebo.
5:00 Psychological Horror vs. Viscera. Knowles, McMillan, Ochse, Navarro. St. Augustine.
6:00 Wine and Cheese party for participants

10:00 How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Ochse, Edwards, Navarro, Bryant, Billick. Gold Ballroom
11:00 The Art of Novel Writing: How other people do it. McKiernan, Ochse, Stackpole. Gold
1:00 Non-traditional Publishing: from specialty press to the digital age. Ochse, Stackpole,
Summers, Wells, Cook. McArthur.
3:00 Creative Partners who live and/or work together. Hammer, Simner, Ochse, Navarro, Shetterly, Bull. St Augustine.

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