welcome to essex2If you’ve been a regular visitor to this site over the last six months or so, I’m sure you’ve come to realize that I love zombies.  I have ever since I was a 12 year old kid watching Night of the Living Dead on a tiny black and white TV in my room with the volume turned down so that my mom wouldn’t know what I was watching.  There is a new zombie movie coming out of the UK that may be of interest.  We’ve got the trailer, so take a look and let us know what you think:


Overnight, the United Kingdom was consumed by an epidemic of terrifying proportions. The majority of the population were killed in a matter of hours as millions of recently-deceased people returned to life and began to attack and kill the living. The infection spread so rapidly that the government had no time to control the situation.

The order to evacuate England was given but it was too late. Desperate measures were taken.

Now, the following day, a small group of mismatched survivors find themselves trapped in the famous town of Brentwood, hunted by large hordes of fast-moving undead corpses. The survivors must learn to work together and reach the last-known point of rescue, Southend-on-Sea, or face certain death. Or something much, much worse.

Who will live?
Who will die?

Find out in ‘Welcome To Essex’!

Welcome To Essex is the latest feature film from Smoking Monkey Productions, a Brentwood-based movie studio that aims to put Brentwood on the movie map and shine a light on Essex for something other than orange-skinned clones and stupid catchphrases!


Welcome To Essex was conceived by writer/director Ryan J. Fleming. It was written to be a dark-humoured, large-scaled vision of a Britain in ruins, complete with death and destruction at every turn.

Welcome To Essex was always going to be a super-low budget project. In fact, it was initially an exercise in just how much of a film could be done for nothing. (The answer, of course, is not a lot!)

So, with some investment, Welcome To Essex crewed up and held auditions. Before long, it went before the cameras. Now, as we approach the end of the summer, 2013, there are but a few weeks of principal photography left to film, all scheduled, before post-production begins.

With an amazing cast and talented crew, Welcome To Essex has gone from an interesting experiment in low budget filmmaking to a large-scale, epic zombie apocalyptic movie that will surpass every film in it’s genre. As the crew say, “Aim high and settle for nothing less!”

Visit www.welcometoessexmovie.com to meet our cast and characters and to find out more about us, as well as the opportunity to see an exclusive trailer for the film.

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