Damnation Books LLC has released Patrick MacAdoo’s Weeyatches in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: The devolution WILL be televised.

Two young women, both insignificant figures in the magical underworld, find themselves drawn away from their personal concerns and into an odyssey through the Minneapolis sewers, the future, and the past, as they battle against a coalition of wandering sorcerers, a warlock who casts spells through drains and pipes, and the weeyatches, a coven of reality stars/witches, in order to prevent a dystopian catastrophe.

Excerpt: “A waterspout burst slantwise from the channel, its fringes spraying Mae across the face and throat. Something thwapped into the wall between Mae and Dylan. The gusher lost momentum, fragmented, and splattered onto the wooden ledge, revealing a mottled and lumpy rope, one end coiled around the rung level with Mae’s nose, the other trailing back into the water.

The rope yanked taut, sending up a fine mist, releasing an eye-watering reek that caused bile to rise to the back of Mae’s throat despite her sewer-blunted sense of smell. The rope quivered with the strain, then Mae took a step back from the section that began to split, drizzling foul dark fluid onto the ledge.

The rope snapped. Mae jumped backwards. The portion coiled around the rung flicked into the wall, the other portion flopped to the sodden planks and slithered back and blooped into the channel, vanishing under the brownish waters.

Mae’s mouth filled with pre-vomit drool. She hocked and spat it out.

Dylan shrieked as another rope shot at her. She ducked and it whipcracked into the wall and retracted to the waters while another hurtled at her, and she straightened and arched her back and the rope smacked into the wall as she fumbled her flashlight, which cracked against the ledge and winked out.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition for $5.95 here: Weeyatches

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