Creation Entertainment’s Weekend of Horrors returns to its old haunt at the Marriott Burbank October 15-17.


Bruce Campbell – Appearing Saturday
Sean Patrick Flanery – Boondock Saints, Saw 3D
Norman Reedus – Boondock Saints, Blade 2, The Walking Dead
David Della Rocco – Boondock Saints
Sid Haig – Spider Baby, The Devil’s Rejects
Ken Foree
Jeffrey Combs – Re-Animator, From Beyond
Adrienne King – The original “final girl” from Friday The 13th
Ken Foree – Dawn of the Dead, The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween
Joe Pilato – Captain Rhodes in Day of the Dead
Greg Nicotero – The master of the modern zombie himself
William Smith – Big Bill Smith is one of the most recognizable faces in genre films and tv. Bill is coming out to join William Lustig and Robert Z’Dar for our Maniac Cop reunion!
Joe Bob Briggs – B-movie gourmand and host
Gary Sales – Producer Madman
Paul Ehlers – star of Madman
Frank Henenlotter – Basket Case (1981), Brain Damage (1987), and Frankenhooker (1990)
Gabe Bartalos – makeup FX, Basket Case
“Uncle Bob” Martin – Founding editor, Fangoria, co-writer Frankenhooker
Nathan Hanneman – Editor, Horrorhound magazine
Fred Williamson – From Dusk Till Dawn, That Man Bolt and Black Caesar
John Saxon – Nightmare On Elm Street series, Battle Beyond The Stars, Blood Beach, Silent Night, Evil Night and Queen of Outer Space
Sybil Danning – Battle Beyond the Stars, Chained Heat
Jack Hill – legendary director of Spider Baby
Barbara Magnolfi – Olga the roommate from Dario Argento’s Suspiria
Brian Trenchard-Smith – One of the great stalwart writer-director-producers of B-movies


Nevermore – An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe – Saturday night (9 pm) rocks the house as the amazing Jeffrey Combs stars as Edgar Allan Poe in the acclaimed one man show Nevermore. This performance is complimentary for our Gold Weekend Patrons (keep your same great seats). For others general admission tickets are available now for $20 each.

Carnival Of Carnage – Once again we’ve put together a night of explosive live entertainment in the Weekend of Horrors’ Carnival Of Carnage, with live music, unbelievable sideshow acts and the latest in dark fashion! We’re excited to feature bloodcurdlingly loud live music from A Band Of Orcs! Terrifying don’t-try-this-at-home acts of freakish derring-do from Freakshow Deluxe!

X-Treme Fashion Show!

Shocktail Party: Exclusive Event For Our Gold Weekend Patrons! Whether you prefer a Bloody Mary or a Zombie, mingle with the monsters on Saturday night at the Weekend of Horrors’ Shocktail Party And Zombie Ball! A full night of cheer and fear as your favorite horror movie celebrities come out and get social with the people who keep horror entertainment alive (or undead) — the fans!

Art Ghoulery: Curated by Jack Ulrich of L.A. goth couture notoriety, the Isolation Threads’ Art Ghoulery is a fully structured self-contained art gallery and museum featuring dozens of works by nationwide artists specializing in dark and creepy art. Featured works confirmed as of this time will be by noted artists Dienzo, Clint Carney, Nicolas Caesar, Todd Robey, Brian Henderson, Mike Pain, William Hawley IV, Terence Ulrich, Hezaa, Christopher Moonlight and Amber M, with more to come in the weeks before the show. Original paintings and sculptures will be on sale, as well as high-end prints for discerning collectors.

Grindhouse Frightful Film Room: We are proud once again to have a weekend marathon of horror and cult film screenings courtesy our friends from The Grindhouse Film Festival. Presented by Eric Caidin and Brian Quinn at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles throughout the year, they screen rare 35mm prints of cult and exploitation films from the 1960s through the 1980s, many of which have not been publicly shown since the drive-ins and inner city grindhouse theaters faded away twenty years ago. For one low price attendees get two rare films, a reel of rare exploitation trailers, a free raffle, and very often appearances by the directors, cast and crew of the films being shown.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: Weekend of Horrors

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