normal-as-we-areNORMAL AS WE ARE, a horror novel written by Desraye Halon.

Desraye Halon, an unknown eccentric new writer, has thrust herself into an indigenous place in her first erotic, psycho love story. Normal as we Are could very well be the veil that we all have touched at one point in our lives.

Normal as we Are begins in Portland, Oregon. The book involves an unusually bizarre murderous triangle revolving around three women, a love story of sorts. In it, Mitch, Crista and Tara, open their lives up to a world of kidnapping, rape, torture and killing of women, just so they can be whisked away from their mundane lives. Then, the unthinkable happens: One of the women takes it upon herself to kidnap a woman on her own, putting all of them in jeopardy of losing all they have created. Will this destroy them or will all the lies come to a head in this woman-on-woman erotic, twisted death trap? You may never look at anyone the same again.

Interestingly, Desraye’s first published book was a children’s book.

She lives locally in Phoenix, AZ, and was born and raised in Gary, IN.

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About Jess Landry

Jess Landry is an eccentric billionaire, the inventor of the hacky-sack and a compulsive liar. She spends her time mentally preparing for the zombie apocalypse and playing with her cats. You can find some of her work online at and EGM Shorts.

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