Vast Horizons, an on-line publication dedicated to showcasing the best new SciFi and dark fantasy fiction on the web, is currently running an interview with Ellen Datlow.

Here’s a peek:

What is your personal opinion – or definition, if you will – of the splatterpunk movement that began in the 80s? It’s influence is still obvious in both literature and film today.

Datlow: I guess it could be considered a mode of horror fiction that was more visceral in its approach. At the time, it brought an interesting energy to the horror field (mostly because the writers were young and pushy and willing to offend – and good writers who knew how to plot) but as with most “movements” in art and literature it’s been co-opted by hangers on who took the worst parts of the movement and ignore the important part – that Schow, Brite, Lannes, Skipp & Spector, et al could actually tell a coherent story that had something to say.

Catch the entire interview here: Ellen Datlow

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