After being available overseas for the past year, Vampyre Tales finally hits American DVD shelves, featuring genre veterans Debbie (American Nightmare) Rochon and Jim (The Deepening) O’Rear. Come along with Countess Plasma (Debbie Rochon) and her servant Phlegm (Jim O’Rear) as they deal with disgruntled villagers (including cult favorite Amber “Vamps” Newman) and tell a few eerie stories in the creepy and darkly humorous anthology Vampyre Tales.

According to HorrorYearbook, Rochon and O’Rear host Vampyre Tales “with such fantastic chemistry that they make the corny jokes extremely funny” and describes the serious surprises in the vampire shorts as unexpected and sometimes “uncomfortable.”

Special features on the disc include actor interviews, bloopers, behind the scenes footage, and a music video. You can order through here: Vampyre Tales

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