In Quicksilver, the new thriller by Joy Spraycar, Quinton Worthington loses his fiancé when his dark and dangerous father, Wesley, steals her away from him. As if that weren’t enough, Wesley transforms Quinton into a beast, a werewolf, who roams and kills with each full moon.

In an attempt to find a safe haven, Quinton returns to his mother’s home. But when the full moon rises, he kills her against his will and is overcome with grief. He looks to an old friend to help him find a cure for his transformation, but can find no answers.

But when Quinton meets Serry, he thinks she could be his lost fiancée reincarnated. Their two lives become intertwined, and Serry must escape her abusive husband and join forces with Quinton. The two fall in love and are inseparable. Serry accepts what Quinton is, a werewolf, and while they plan to get married, they know they cannot have children without passing the werewolf genes on to their children.

So when Serry becomes pregnant, Quinton must find a way to lift the curse. A battle ensues as the lovers fight Quinton’s father in hopes that his death will bring Quinton back to his old self. But when the curse still doesn’t lift, they must find another answer.

Will the two lovers find the cure? Will Serry’s love for Quinton outlast the merciless curse? Will the two survive his monthly transformations into a murderous beast with each turning of the full moon? Serry will do anything to save the man – and wolf – she loves. The answer to their search has been under their noses all along.

Quicksilver gives readers a mysterious and romantic tale to explore, and a new dark monster to root for.

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