On October 26th, Eos will be releasing Marcus Pelegrimas’ next book in the Skinners series, Vampire Uprising as a mass market paperback.

Description: Skinners fans have been hounding Marcus Pelegrimas, wanting to know how Paige got started as a Skinner and in Vampire Uprising (the 4th book of the Skinners series) her origins are finally unveiled. When she was younger, someone close to Paige was turned into a Nymar and that person was hunted down by a Skinner. She hunts down the Skinners until she learns the truth about them. Eventually, Paige comes to terms with the fact that her friend cannot be saved and that the Skinners are doing a necessary service. She joins the Skinners in order to make sure other innocents aren’t turned or hunted like her friend was.

After recovering from events in the first three books, Paige discovers that her friend may not have been killed after all. In fact, the friend comes back to tear Paige down now that she is a Skinner. The story is told partly through flashbacks and leads to events that unfold after Book 3. Paige’s past is revealed while her old friend comes back in the form of a Nymar that may be able to give the vampires the power they’ve always craved…

Marcus Pelegrimas is an avid gamer who occasionally puts the controller down long enough to write in several different genres. When not working on the Skinners series, he’s hunting for evidence of the supernatural as an active investigator with Nevermore Paranormal. Marcus lives and works in Nebraska with his wife Megan and a ferocious, 13 pound Rat Terrier. Visit him on the web at Marcus Pelegrimas.

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