Biting Dog Publications has announced the release of another entry in its Sonja Blue short fiction series, Vampire King Of The Goth Chicks. The book is available in a digital edition and also features a new, original cover by steampunk jewelry designer Shay Decay.

Description: Vampire slayer Sonja Blue investigates rumors concerning a blood cult recruiting members from the Goth nightclub scene. Her investigation leads her to an abandoned church, where a vampire called Lord Rhymer conducts Black Masses and oversees blood orgies amongst his followers. Nancy A. Collins, author of the award-winning Sunglasses After Dark, serves up another hardboiled tale of terror starring Sonja Blue, the tough-as-nail punk vampire/vampire slayer. No sparkling allowed.

Vampire King Of The Goth Chicks is available for $2.99 from:

It is also scheduled for release via Sony Ereader, Kobo, Diesel,Google Play, and Page Foundry.

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