Valentines for the DeadFollowing much anticipation, celebrated writer Corrine De Winter has announced her latest sensual spectacle of prose and fiction, Valentines for the Dead.

Positioned by critics as a dark, gothic and horror-esque showcase of short fiction, the book is poised to become a timeless addition to bookshelves around the world.

It’s easy to see why De Winter is regarded as one of the 21st Centuries’ great poets and authors. A gifted songstress, temptress, prophet, chronicler and writer – many describe her verses as striking like a dagger at both the head and the heart.

Valentines for the Dead, for the reader, achieves a revelatory trip whose catalyst is desire.

“DeWinter makes the past and present blend into one. Our modern surroundings will deconstruct themselves and become rebuilt by the story visions within the book. There are times when these pieces of fiction will render the reader speechless,” says JeanPaul Ferro, fellow author.

The literary world regards De Winter’s work as possessing a haunting yet comforting quality, something most academic poets are unable to achieve due to their taught rather than natural ability to write.

“The truly great poetry and fiction of the past five hundred years has been tinged in pain and despair, sort of like the madness of a Van Gogh. Nowadays this madness is usually missing, even in the works of the most technically great poets and writers,” JeanPaul Ferro adds.

Since its release, the book has garnered rave reviews.

The book is available from Amazon: Valentines for the Dead

About Corrine De Winter: Nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize and winner of a Stoker award, Corrine De Winter’s poetry, fiction, essays and interviews have appeared worldwide in publications such as the The New York Quarterly, Imago, Phoebe, Plainsongs, Yankee, Sacred Journey, Interim, The Chrysalis Reader, The Lucid Stone, Fate ,Press, Sulphur River Literary Review, Modern Poetry, The Lyric, Atom Mind, The Writer, The Lyric and over 600 other publications. She has been the recipient of awards from Triton College of Arts & Sciences, Writer’s Digest, The Esme Bradberry Award, The Madeline Sadin Award, The Rhysling Award, and has been featured in Poet’s Market 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000-20011.

Her work is featured in the much praised collections Bless the Day, Heal Your Soul, Heal the World, Get Well Wishes, Essential Love, The Language of Prayer, Mothers And Daughters, and in Bedside Prayers, now in its 15th printing.

Ms. De Winter is a member of HWA (Horror Writer’s Association) and is a resident of Western Massachusetts.

For more information on the author, please visit her official website: Corrine De Winter

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