From the writer/director of Lionsgate’s Knock Knock 2, comes, the brand new channel for everything paranormal and supernatural. Each web series centers on a single character as they undergo a unique sense of self discovery. As a whole, will offer an anthology of characters each telling their own stories of how they came to be and subsequently, how they manage to survive in everyday society.

The Turning of Amy Stoker

Amy has isolated herself from the outside world, ceasing all contact with her friends and family for the past three months. She had been a very successful, bright and cheery young woman until she started noticing a series of changes. Among them was the rapid depletion of her energy level. This caused her to be chronically anxious and highly irritable to human contact. The symptoms overcame her so quickly, that before she knew it, she was all alone. Trapped with her thoughts and incessant depression, Amy is now a shadow of the person that she used to be. Out of desperation, she is reaching out to the online world in an attempt to find a diagnosis to her condition. What she will discover is only the beginning of her transformation. Amy will have to make the difficult choice of embracing her new identity or trying to hide from it.

The Turning of Amy Stoker trailer:

The Possession of Sara Cross

Young Sara ran away from home to live with her boyfriend Justin. Growing up in a strict, conservative Catholic household, she often argued and had physical altercations with her parents.

Sara is also schizophrenic.

Although never formally diagnosed, she undergoes a series of what she terms “blackouts” where she mentally disappears into an altered state. These “blackouts” have been occurring much more frequently and is debilitating to her normal life. With no insurance and no money, she decides to create a video diary to gather support from the online community. What the videos reveal is the gradual progression of young Sara’s demonic possession.

The Twisted Mind of Ray Hinkley

Ray Hinkley is an engineer, he is your neighbor, he is the unassuming man standing next to you in line at the grocery store, and he has murdered five people in the past year.

Travel inside the mind of a serial killer as Ray offers a first person account of his daily life. Listen to his story, and see how a perfect storm of events from his past transformed him into the man he is today. Watch as Ray documents his exploits and hold your breath for the disturbing finish that is Ray’s final show stealing coup de grace!

It’s all happening on, coming on Halloween 2012.

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