Dark Regions Press is set for a July release of Urn & Willow, the 8th short story collection by Scott Thomas.

Description: Urn & Willow by Scott Thomas, fifth entry in the Ghost House imprint, features eleven interior illustrations by artist Erin Wells. The book is now available in two collectible signed hardcover editions on our website at DarkRegions.com

Ghostly tales of 18th and 19th century New England

The hour is late, and wind whispers at the window. Autumn leaves have taken wing and a breeze troubles the candle flame. Something from the past has returned and walks the moonlit night. Something dead.

The door may be bolted and the fire may be warm, but the ghosts in Scott Thomas’s Urn And Willow will find you. They wait patiently within the covers, inviting you to visit the lonely chamber where three sisters starved to death, and the small town where the devil’s hoof prints steam in the snow, and a house where the rooms mysteriously multiply and are inhabited by otherworldly creatures. Come inside and visit the haunted seasons of the past.

You can still pre-order this one here: Urn & Willow

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