Here’s how the rest of this year is stacking up for PS Publishing:

Twelve Collections & The Teashop by Zoran Zivkovic … the book is now designed (a gorgeous job from Luis Rodrigues) and sent in for ARCs to be produced. As soon as they get the signing sheets back from Michael Moorcock, this one will go to press.

Dandelion Wine and Summer Morning, Summer Night by Ray Bradbury. The layouts are complete (hugely complex – great work from designer Derek Schultz) and the two volumes have been sent to Jon Eller and Donn Allbright, who are editing. Once they’ve given the thumbs-up, PS Publishing needs the Introduction to be finalized (Stephen King – both Ray and Steve – have signed the sheets) and then it’s ready to go. Bradbury’s The Machineries of Joy, with an Introduction from Neil Gaiman, will be next one up.

Philip José Farmer and Danny Adams’s The City Beyond Play will be going to press imminently.

Lucius Shepard’s monumental Dagger Key And Other Stories collection is about to come together for an ARC. The signing sheets will be ready just in time for Introducer China Mievill’s return from the US.

Peter Hamilton has turned in his introduction to Eric Brown’s Starship Summer and PS will be preparing signing sheets any time soon.

The text of Harlan Ellison’s Ellison Wonderland, Larry Block’s Random Walk, the late Michael Coney’s superb Hello Summer, Goodbye (and its unpublished follow-up, I Remember Pallahaxi), and, of course, Sir Arthur’s Tales From The White Hart have been scanned. So all of those are progressing nicely.

Also moving forward is Mark Justice and David Wilbanks’s Dead Earth: The Green Dawn. Gary Braunbeck’s introduction is in place and Glenn Chadbourne has delivered an evocative painting, so only the signing sheets hold up publication.

Meanwhile, Rhys Hughes’s Crystal Cosmos, David Herter’s The Luminous Depths, Chris Evans’s Omega, Matt Hughes’s Template, Zoran Zivkovic’s The Bridge, Jack Dann’s The Economy of Light and Nick Royle’s The Enigma of Departure are all waiting in the wings for their moments of glory in the autumn and early winter.

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