UndeadCemetery Dance Publications has announced Undead by John Russo, an omnibus signed special Limited Edition featuring his two classic zombie novels in one volume, will be shipping in early December,

Description: George A. Romero’s classic 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, has been revered among horror buffs and moviegoers since its release. It introduced a new era of gutmunching cinematic mayhem and inspired legions of directors and writers, among them Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Stephen King, and Steven Spielberg.

John A. Russo, who co-wrote the screenplay for Night of the Living Dead, also turned the flesh-eating frenzy into two blood-drenched novels which until recently were Out of Print for thirty years and lost to an entire generation of readers. This book includes the rare original version of Return of the Living Dead, as opposed to the version based on Dan O’Bannon’s movie, which was a horror comedy.

In this beautiful special signed Limited Edition hardcover, Russo’s two classic novels have been combined into one gory, chilling volume.

Within these pages you’ll find gruesome, suspenseful horror at its best.

The book is at the printer now and is due out in December, but you can preorder here: Undead

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