Irish author, Derek Gunn, will be following up the first book in his Vampire Apocalypse series (Vampire Apocalypse: A World Torn Asunder) with two more books in the series. Vampire Apocalypse: Descent into Chaos is with the publishers (KHP Industries, US and UK, under their Black Death Books imprint) now and should be released late this year or early next year. The third book in the series, Vampire Apocalypse: Fallout is nearing completion.

Vampire Apocalypse is under option by Richard Finney, an LA-based Producer-Screenwriter who has worked with such filmmakers as Steven Speilberg, Mel Gibson and George Clooney and a screen adaptation is in development – Details are available on IMDb. Finney says that he was attracted to Gunn’s twist on the rather played-out vampire genre.

In support of the series, a new web site, Vampire Apocalypse is now live. Fans can read about the Vampire Apocalypse universe, excerpts, reviews, the latest screen adaptation news and other news and fiction from Derek Gunn.

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