Horror World Press recently released Laughing Boy’s Shadow by Steven Savile. Limited to 300 copies signed by Savile, Robert Sammelin and Gary Braunbeck, Laughing Boy’s Shadow is available in two states: 100 S/L Hardcover – $40.00 and 200 S/L Trade Paperback – $19.95. Description: Your problem, city, is that you have no soul. Declan Shea learns the depth of this lie through a series of brutal events, as systematically, an evil as old as the city itself strips him of every last shred of hope and humanity. A road accident, a bag lady, a bird man, renegades from L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz, all of these nightmares converge in one horrific moment under a dark bridge. Declan’s live can never be the same because that city, the one without a soul, has chosen him as its champion. As war rages in the dark places of Newcastle, Declan Shea must fight to survive. How do I know? My name is Declan Shea. It is all that I have left. I come back here to look at the lights across the water, out of reach like the gates of heaven. More than anything, I want to start walking. You won’t understand what that means, not yet, but you will … To order: Laughing Boy’s Shadow

Sparks And Shadows by Lucy A. Snyder is scheduled for a May release, with a limit of 300 copies signed by Snyder and Nalo Hopkinson – $18.95. This debut collection of seventeen short stories, seven poems and four humor essays from Lucy A. Snyder will appeal to any reader of the dark fantastic. By turns touching, chilling, surreal, wryly satiric, seductive, macabre and laugh-out-loud funny, this book will take you from adventures in the farthest reaches of outer space to the darkest shadows beneath the surface of modern America. You can reserve your copy here: Sparks And Shadows

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