Delirium Books has two new titles available for pre-order. The first up is the new Michael McBride novel, The Infected. Description: They’re breeding in the darkness, underground, feasting on blood and carrion. For centuries they’ve been sustained by offerings of ritualistic sacrifice, propagating the contagions to be unleashed on the world through savage stingers when the day of destiny finally arrives. Millions of sand flies, swarming through caverns riddled with human and animal remains, awaiting the vernal equinox when the serpent god Kukulcán will descend from the heavens to release them and deliver his vengeance upon those who drove his worshippers from their sacred land.

The pandemic is at hand, for contained within each of the insects is a deadly combination of microorganisms capable of laying waste to the human immune system and ravaging the flesh, killing the cerebrum and leaving the victim at the mercy of the primitive hindbrain. Those contaminated become enraged creatures functioning on instinct alone, capable only of killing and spreading the disease. The sick now hunt the dwindling bands of survivors, who will soon learn that the only thing worse than dying, is becoming one of The Infected.

To pre-order: The Infected

The second title up for pre-order is the featured book club title for January: David Jack Bell’s The Condemned. This book is also being released as an X-series hardcover title and is already sold out through the subscription. The world is at war … the city is dying … and those left for dead within its walls have awakened …

A terrorist attack on the water supply has left the city quarantined by the army and inhabited by the City People, the mindless living dead who rule the urban night. Jett Dormer works for the government. During the day he and his partner Vince drive a wrecker, collecting abandoned cars from the city’s dying core, scrap metal to feed the nation’s raging war machine. They finish their work before nightfall and return to home base outside the city and then to their wives and families. Until the day Jett and Vince are overrun by a horde of City People, and only Jett makes it out. Plagued by nightmares and wracked with guilt for having left his best friend behind, Jett returns to work, hoping to provide for his family. But his new partner, a wounded veteran known only as the Kid, won’t let Jett forget what happened to Vince. And he won’t let Jett forget that Vince might not be entirely dead.

You’re never going to feel right, or be right, as long as he’s out there …

To pre-order: The Condemned

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