Once upon a millennium, Mark McLaughlin, the Clown Prince of Horror, wrote a fiendishly funny Delirium Books chapbook entitled Shoggoth Cacciatore And Other Eldritch Entrees, tales of cosmic dread liberally laced with wackiness. This time McLaughlin has prepared a more adult spin on the Mythos-go-round. In Pickman’s Motel, you’ll explore Arkham’s bad side of town, a freaky neon playground of horny horrors. Learn the titillating truth about ghouls in the title story, and then laugh up a lung as you encounter every stand-up comic’s worst nightmare: “The Heckler In The Ha-Ha Hut.” McLaughlin tops off the collection by loading you into a time machine and sending you back to caveman days in “Tony Tar-Pit And Monkey-Face Joe Battle The Flying Mushroom-Devils: A Tale of Prehistoric Arrkhumm.” So check into Pickman’s Motel and find out what the nightlife in Arkham is really like!

1/300 Limited, Signed Hardcover Chapbooks $19.95. The Delirium Chapbook Series books are pocket-sized (4.50 inches by 6.25 inches) hardcovers with full wraparound graphic covers laminated on the boards. Order this book or a 6-book HC chapbook subscription here: Delirium Catalog

Charlie Trace, professional thief, is no stranger to deceit and violence. But nothing in his life on the knife-edge of London’s Underworld could prepare him for the horror of Demogorgon. It is centuries old: Satan is its lord and master. It walks the earth in the guise of a man, but it is not a man: it is the very essence of evil. Across many years and nations, Demogorgon has sown the seeds of hel l… now, it is calling its children home. Demogorgon’s power grows with every soul it devours—and if Charlie Trace can’t stop it, he will be its next victim!

1/300 Limited, Signed Hardcovers $55.00 (On Sale: $50) 1/26 Signed Lettered Double-Slipcased Leather-bound Hardcovers $250.00 (Sold Out) The deluxe lettered edition of this title includes a full color frontispiece of the cover art and an original afterword by the author. Cover Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Order here: Delirium Catalog

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