Two Degrees Closer to HellSpeculative fiction writer, David Fingerman, is back with a series of short stories guaranteed to curl your toes and raise your hair. If you’re looking for some quick thrills, let these stories take you on a ride that will bring you two degrees closer to Hell.

“If you like stories that make you grimace and shudder, David Fingerman is the guy for you.” -Karen Hall, author of the Hannah Morrison Mystery series

“If you love shows like The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery or you love short stories by Ray Bradbury, Charles Beaumont or Richard Matheson, then you will love David’s stories.” -Jason D. Brawn, author of Refuge and Stranded

“David Fingerman has returned to his roots in this fabulous creation of new worlds of terror and suspense. Filled with daring twists and hair-raising turns, each one is perfectly sized to fill a morning commute, a midday break, or an entire evening with delightful shivers.” -HL Montgomery, author of Skinwalker Moon

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