Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown … this one’s been out for awhile, but apparently we missed it. Since it’s still available, we thought we should at least let you know it’s out there.

Description: An obsessed madman,

A vampire resurrected to a higher level of being.

Fans of the horror genre are in for a deliciously macabre treat as Alexander S. Brown presents Traumatized, a masterfully crafted collection of short stories and novellas that will surely bring chills down your spine.

Don’t forget to sleep with the lights on…

In fifteen dark tales, Traumatized exposes the depths of human depravity and the dank realms of the macabre.

In a collection where the comforts of church are forbidden, learn of a depraved congregation. Journey the downward spiral that forces a morally corrupt celebrity to revile her ugliness. Experience the lengths to which a madman will go to keep his true love. Explore the world of maniacs, the supernatural, creatures, eternal damnation, and the occult.

Beware . . . the shadows may camouflage a culprit. Realize … that bump in the night isn’t just a tree branch tapping at your window. Learn what it really means to be … Traumatized.

Here’s the book trailer:

To learn more: Traumatized
To purchase: Traumatized Souls
To contact the author for an event: Alexander S. Brown

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