Den of Geek is currently running an article titled “11 Things To Do When You’re Trapped In A Horror Movie” that we thought you might enjoy. Here’s a sample:

Listen To The Weirdo

It’ll either be a precocious ten to twelve year whizz-kid, or an old woman who locals refer to as mad. The old woman speaks in riddles, knows things we don’t, and lives in a dusty old house filled with ancient, neatly stacked newspapers, and childish memorabilia. When she tells you ‘they’re coming!’, that’s your cue to make for the nearest exit.

The boy will most probably be part of your group, and can usually hack computers should the need arise (if you’re in a teen horror, it will). His somewhat dubious scientific method will enable him to know exactly what you are going to be facing, and how to kill it with the minimum of evidence or facts.

He can always make complex 3D models of his foes on a computer by pressing a few keys. If you have passed puberty, it is your job not to believe a word he utters, and blame it on TV, 50s B-movies or videogames, at least until the first genetically mutated otter (or something) rips out the windpipe of one of the lesser speaking characters.

Regardless of which you get, their less attractive character attributes will always will always cloud the fact that they always know exactly what’s happening. Try to break with tradition and actually listen to them.

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