Ok, who isn’t a fan of Japanese horror films?  Well, maybe not all of you, but for those who are, you might want to catch Tokyo Urban Legend.   It’s actually a collection of shorter segments that will be released in Japan on June 5th.  No worries, however.  You won’t have to go to Japan to see it.  It will be released on DVD in the U.S. on June 25th.

Here is the trailer and synopsis:


Kasumi and Yumi have been roommates for a long time. One day, Yumi moves out to be with Takayuki, Kasumi’s ex-boyfriend. Their new life becomes very comfortable, until Yumi is contacted by Kasumi’s mother. She tells her that Kasumi is missing…

A loser wins three million dollars. He realizes far too late, that his fortune is actually a stroke of bad luck.

Woman With Bandaged Face:
Ami sees a bandaged woman carrying bloody trash bags. She believes this is the murder everyone is talking about on the news. Her sister Hiromi, is envious of Ami being a college student. Hiromi appears a little off from normal. Ami begins to suspect Hiromi is the woman with the bloody trash bags.

Suicide High School:
Why are students killing themselves? Is this abandoned high school haunted? Yuri, a documentary filmmaker, decides to investigate. When Yuri enters the school, she finds her own sister, Mizuho, who lives far away. She tries to kill herself. Can Yuri help her sister before it’s too late?

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