I came across this while surfing the web and it interested me enough to show it to you.  I guess it could be the Cherokee heritage in my family, or the fact that my wife grew up in the mountains of North Carolina.  Anyway, whatever drew me to this, I hope you’ll like it.

From the website:

Beacon Point is a horror movie with chilling themes, fresh characters and a powerful but entertaining story. We believe that the horror genre is the most marketable genre for a low budget independent movie since there is a huge audience for this type of content, big name actors are historically not necessary in horror movies to make a profit and a chilling story easily translates internationally where as this may not always be true for a comedy or drama.

We have completed principal photography, i.e. the movie has been shot. We are editing the movie for an early 2014 release.

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Written by Eric Blue and Traci Carroll

SciFi Horror

They are watching from the woods.


Zoe has quit her job to hike the Appalachian Trail as a tribute to her deceased father. She joins a small group of inexperienced hikers for an adventure of a lifetime. The group is, Dan, an aging, overweight, Dotcom millionaire, Cheese, a 17 year old kid, and Brian his half brother he has just met. They are lead by, Drake, a hot headed trail master with a questionable past. The ten day trek through the Great Smokey Mountains promises to be exciting and the group is upbeat as they set out. Drake leads them away from the main trail, and the tourists, promising a grand adventure, and sights they’d never see on the main trail. Zoe is unsure about going off the trail into the wilderness, but begins to bond with Brian, who promises that Drake knows what he’s doing.

The adventure spins out of control when the group is terrorized at their campsite by an unseen force. At first, no one remembers the event, but a dark mood hangs over the group as they trek deeper into the back lands of the Great Smokies. Things grow even stranger after the group discovers a strange, abandoned campsite, and Brian is inflicted by a crippling illness. As tensions rise, Drake and Zoe come to blows ever mindful that they are being watched, or worse, hunted. In a desperate effort to get help for the worsening Brian, Zoe, with Drake in toe, heads back to civilization. During their journey they discover and ancient stone totem in a clearing called Beacon Point. It is here where they discover the secret of Beacon Point and must fight for their lives.

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