Are you an aspiring Horror film maker looking to find an audience (and possibly a distribution deal) for your work?  Are you a fan of Horror films interested in seeing new and cutting edge work?  Are you in the business and looking for new work to distribute?  Will you be in Toronto in October?  If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then head to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.  Organizers are actively seeking submissions for the festival.  To find out more, click this link.

From the website:

This year Toronto After Dark runs for nine nights, October 17-25, 2013 and will screen almost 50 films, including both shorts and features.  Our festival is uniquely run by film fans for film fans and enjoyes incredible loyalty and support  from the large film-appreciating community in Toronto.  Last year, Toronto After Dark was attended by over 10,000 enthusiastic genre film fans and over 100 members of the film press and industry.  Filmmakers were delighted in the fantastic response that included a record number of overwhelmingly positive reviews, and distribution deals!  If you want to know more about Toronto After Dark’s filmmaker-friendly reputation, please visit our ABOUT US FOR FILMMAKERS PAGE

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