A red 1955 Ford truck crashes, the dying driver hands an envelope containing gold keys to Carl Lee with the words, “Hide them.” Carl, the owner of a body shop, restores the red truck and gives it to his seventy-five-year-old grandfather, Thaddeus, as a birthday present. And so begins The Ride, an extraordinary journey that propels Thaddeus back in time to the dark side of his past life. Standing in his way to change the past are a mysterious “man in grey,” a menacing black truck, and a cast of unearthly creatures who either ooze from the slime, advance zombie-like, or attack violently with murderous intent.

The Ride by southern author, Tom Brandner, is a thriller, a mystery, and a horror story that calls upon elements of the unknown to blur the distinction between reality and nightmare-the human and the non-human-to create a place where things too evil to exist in the world can reside.

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