Virginia native J.C. Schweingrouber has released his fifth book titled To The Edge…And Back Again, a collection of short stories in the horror and suspense genre. It has been released in e-book format.

The tales of terror take the reader through a maze of the mysterious and macabre as eclectic characters face their worst fears as well as the unknown. The stories range from the twisted and slightly humorous, to the more horrific stories such as “The Waiting List,” where one man’s vanity leads him into the darkness awaiting him in his new home. The e-book contains six short stories that will keep you, the reader, on the edge.

“I’m excited to get my fifth work out for the public to read. The book was written with a couple of goals in mind before I even started. I not only wanted the readers to be entertained and feeling that they got their money’s worth, but I also wanted to give the readers a bit of a laugh and make them think about some of the underlying themes even after they put the book down,” said Schweingrouber.

Schweingrouber’s previous work was the fourth book in a series titled, Legends and Landmarks, Volume IV: Devil’s Cave, in which the setting took place in Southwest Virginia.

To The Edge…And Back Again can be found on and along with his other writings, as well as many other worldwide online book retailers.

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