To Evil Comes A DaughterAllen Caraway has released the digital edition of his novel, To Evil Comes a Daughter, which was originally published as Drowning in Shadow.

Description: English magazine journalist, Sam Munro, is in Montana interviewing classic car collector, Doug Bamber, for an article when, to his horror, he discovers that his hotel is haunted, the paranormal activity terrifying him, and the disruptive and restless ghost pursuing Sam wherever he goes.

To Sam’s astonishment, he also learns through Doug that a murder committed seven years earlier is directly linked to his tormented youth, catapulting him into a maelstrom of terror and vengeance when retired Chicago homicide detective turned PI, Gunther Parkinson, asks Sam to assist with his investigation. As he uncovers a horrific trail of violence and deception, Sam discovers that he has trusted the wrong person, and he could be the killer’s next victim…

About The Author: Allen Caraway, World Renowned Tap-Dancing Hamster Instructor and three-time winner of the Most Amusing Pet Chipmunk award, grew up in Buckinghamshire, England, and currently resides in London, sharing his home with an energetic house spider named Myrtle.

An ardent Americophile, Allen’s horror and comic-fantasy stories are frequently set between England and the United States. When he isn’t writing, Allen enjoys slaying dragons, saving maidens, competitive yodeling, Bigfoot wrestling, fiddling with the space-time continuum, chugging coffee and working on his latest invention: Air-Conditioned Socks. He also writes for Scientific Nutter Monthly, receiving critical acclaim for the article, Using Carnivorousness Plants for Home Protection.

To Evil Comes a Daughter is his debut novel – an engrossing page turner that pulls you in from the very start. A mixture of horror story, ghost story, suspense thriller and murder mystery, this genuinely scary tale turns and twists its way right up to the last page. With punchy, realistic dialogue, laugh out loud humor and beautifully written, descriptive and concise prose, Allen Caraway has created a world that we all recognize, populated by credible, vivid and intriguing characters who live in a town that’s so richly and believably drawn, it could be our own.

Check it out on the Kindle: To Evil Comes a Daughter

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