Black Hound Digital Press has released the digital edition of Tiny Terrors, a collection of more than 60 short horror stories, by Bob Eccles.

Description: Robert C. Eccles treats the reader with sixty-seven tantalising tales of twisted flash fiction that will leave you terrified yet titillated. Each uniquely bizarre tale harbors a pinch of the macabre, leaving you disturbed but craving for more. A treat for horror flash lovers and for those who edge towards dark, offbeat humor.

The stories in Tiny Terrors have appeared in publications like Necrotic Tissue Magazine, along with a variety of online venues and print anthologies. The stories range in length from 100 words to five or six thousand. Many of the stories have a touch of dark humor, and others are flat out disturbing.

You can pick up a copy for your Kindle (only $3.49) here: Tiny Terrors

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