Tim Lebbon has announced that Subterranean Press will be publishing his two-novella volume called After The War: Two Tales of Noreela. This will contain The Bajumna, which was serialised on this site 18 months ago, and Vale of Blood Roses, a brand new novella that will also appear in Subterranean Magazine #8.

Vale of Blood Roses is set immediately after the Cataclysmic War, and follows the exploits of a band of mercenaries on their journey home from Ventgoria. They find a strange folded valley, where strange things happen … and years later, they begin to reap what they have sown.

The Bajuman takes place two centuries after the Cataclysmic War, in the painful time following a series of Great Plagues that have ravaged Noreela City. Korrin is a hunter, hired to find a missing person. But in Noreela City, some say that everyone is lost.

The book will be released early in 2008.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Subterranean Press on this project,” Lebbon said.

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