David B. Silva’s short story collection, Through Shattered Glass, will be on sale on the Kindle through the end of the month for only $2.99.

Description: It’s the only window in the room and it’s scarred with spider-webbed cracks. Sometimes on warm summer afternoons, he sits alone here, staring out at the world through the shattered glass. What he sees doesn’t always look right, but then there are strange things in the world.

Through Shattered Glass takes readers on an imaginative journey through the lives of seventeen ordinary people struggling with extraordinary events in their lives.

The Calling: an adult son cares for his mother, who is dying from cancer, over the final few months of her life. As the cancer grows stronger it permeates their relationship, every event inside the house, and eventually leads to a powerful, unexpected ending that seems almost inevitable.

Dry Whiskey: Something horrible happened last night. There’s blood on the bumper of the old pickup, and Will’s father thinks he might have hit something on the way home from the bar, but he isn’t sure. When they hear that Joey Eagan was killed last night in a hit and run off Buzzard Roost Road, Will’s old man vows to finally give up his heavy drinking. But drying out takes a toll of its own.

The Hollow: Michael Carpenter is a lonely twelve-year-old who lives in the quiet little town of Appleton where nothing worthwhile ever seems to happen. That is until today. Because today Michael made friends with something alive in the hollow of the old oak not far from home…

Empty Vessels: Thirty-five years have passed since a stranger by the name of Blaine left Marshall’s mother an empty vessel, neither alive nor dead. And after years of searching for the stranger, Marshall thinks he might have found the man. Only he’s not really human…

Dwindling: A boy watches helplessly while his world crumbles around him as one after another of his siblings disappears.
A Time For Every Purpose: What if a childhood friend unexpectedly shows up on your doorstep one day with a tale of terror that’s still unfolding?

Alone of His Kind: After a tragic loss, a man meets someone who has dealt with a similar loss in a most unusual way.

The Night In Fog: A trouble man reaches out to his brother, trying to explain his past action and gradually drawing his brother into a realm where the line between reality and fantasy has blurred.

Slipping: A desperate advertising man, frustrated with the way commercials are flashed before viewers with ever increasing speed, becomes aware of the fragileness of time.

Plus eight additional stories.

You can order directly from Amazon here: Through Shattered Glass

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