Three new entries in the Cemetery Dance Signature Series have arrived at their warehouse and are shipping now. If you didn’t already place your order, don’t wait because these are selling out very quickly.

The Signature Series is an exclusive line of special edition books designed specifically for collectors. This unique series of art-oriented, high-end collectible books have some of the lowest print runs of any book we publish. These books are designed around novelettes by horror’s best and brightest authors. The average length is up to 20,000 words and they say the books are “designed around” the stories because these books feature more interior artwork, spot artwork, and other illustrations than almost anything else CD publishs.

In addition to all of the interior artwork, each title in the Signature Series has illustrated endpapers and a unique “art based” signature sheet. Each book is bound in high quality cloth with unique stamping. These books have a taller, yet more compact trim size, too, to make them really different than anything anyone else is publishing.

Butterfly by Simon Clark (Featured Artist: Steve Gilberts) – The dying days of WW2: Nazi secret weapons draw lines of fire in Germany’s skies. In the depths of a forest the pilot of a ME163 rocket-plane battles not only the formations of allied bombers but a creeping menace that invades both his body and his mind.

The Forum by James Newman (Featured Artist: Jill Bauman) – According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are currently over 500 active serial killers within the United States. Somewhere out there, isn’t it possible that an online message board exists for those who live outside society’s rules? For those who kill for the thrill of it, and yearn for the taste of blood? This is… The Forum!

The Turtle Boy: Peregrine’s Tale by Kealan Patrick Burke (Featured Artist: Alan M. Clark) – Timmy Quinn’s search for answers has taken him halfway around the world, forcing him to endure many horrors, among them the revelation that the dead do not operate of their own free will, but are instead influenced by an enigmatic figure known only as “Peregrine.” About this man, Timmy knows nothing. But he will learn, and in time, he will come to know Peregrine as an adversary worse than the vengeful dead…

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