From BeneathBrain Damage Films has two new releases for this month. They’ve got Christian Jude Grillo’s Booley, a suburban horror about a guy who decides to turn his life around by ending others’. And rising up out of Midnight Releasing’s murky depths is From Beneath, a creepy-crawly throwback to Cronenbergian body horror from writer/director David Doucette. It’s a great month to be a horror fan!

Booley – Angus Booley is losing control of his life, when the advice of a self-help guru helps him gain confidence. But after a series of mishaps, Angus has left a trail of bodies behind him. Learning of the guru’s appearance at a local mall, Angus heads to meet his creator as the police close in.

From Beneath – Jason is bit by a strange leech-like organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister’s secluded ranch. The bite begins to transform Jason, and now the couple must figure out what really happened to Sam’s family while Jason battles physical his and emotional disintegration.

Check them out:

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