Sunbury Press has released Thomas Malafarina’s horror short story collection Thirteen Nasty Endings. This is Malafarina’s first collection of short stories and is the second of three books contracted by Sunbury Press.

Description: Not all stories have a happy ending. Sometimes the forces of evil are just too strong to allow the characters, whether protagonist or antagonist, to survive unscathed. Sometimes it is because of revenge or sinister forces or simply bad Karma.

Welcome to Thirteen Nasty Endings, a disturbing world of terror and foreboding where virtually every story has the potential to end badly for someone. There will be no happily ever afters in this collection! This is definitely not a feel good compilation. Thirteen Nasty Endings guarantees that someone, whether deserving or not, will get it in the end.

Thomas M. Malafarina is a horror author from the Reading, PA area who has previously published a horror novel entitled Ninety-Nine Souls, also through Sunbury Press. Malafarina has enjoyed a life-long love of writing, music and art and of course, horror.

Sunbury Press, Inc., headquartered in Camp Hill, PA is a publisher of trade paperback books featuring established and emerging authors in many fiction and non-fiction categories. Sunbury’s books are sold through leading booksellers worldwide.

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