Stark House Press is set to release Catherine Butzen’s Thief of Midnight in July.

Description: The Monster Hunters – Abby Marquise has been killing doppelgangers and other dark creatures for the Society for the Security of Reality for awhile now – ever since she’d been recruited after being attacked by a ghoul one dark night. Her son Jimmy thinks she’s losing her mind. But how do you explain monster-hunting, much less the SSR, to a teenager? And now things are getting serious because children are being kidnapped in all the major cities. Her partner John Sawyer wants to go in blasting, but you can’t start blasting something you can’t even see…

And the Bogeymen Likho, a Ukrainian-Russian spirit, and L’uomo Nero, one of the oldest hairy men, have been summoned by El Cucuy, the Mexican child demon and new leader of the Family, to discuss the crisis of their existence. Created by age-old belief, the bogeymen are gradually fading away, killed off by modern cynicism. As El Cucuy says, “The children are no longer afraid of us, and we are being picked off one by one.” But El Cucuy has a plan — spread fear in the world again by stealing the children! Likho, who has adopted some of the human ways, doesn’t like it. And L’uomo starts to act even stranger than usual by consorting with an old human woman. Can they defy El Cucuy and live?

The ISBN is 978-1-933586-31-1, retail is $15.95, trade paperback, pub date July 2010.

Thief of Midnight isn’t up on the website yet, but you can still pre-order here: Stark House Press

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