America’s werewolves have been in hiding for hundreds of years and they’ve had just about enough of it. In The WolfQuest Saga: Blood of the Wolf, a new novel from author Nuel Douglas Windrow, this much-maligned race will lean on one teenage boy to prepare the world for their debut – if he can escape those who would seek to do them harm.

Blood of the Wolf tells the story of Jim Proudwolf Proudheart. He’s a seemingly ordinary teenager with a Blackfoot Indian heritage who’s about to learn his lineage also includes something more exotic: werewolf. As he develops his incredible werewolf powers, Proudheart takes on the name Proudwolf, gaining access to a secret culture in which the Wolfernians live as Native Americans did for centuries.

What he learns bears little resemblance to those Hollywood B-movies about werewolves.

The Wolfernians, he discovers, are intellectual creatures who couldn’t care less about silver, crosses or the light. Through it all, Proudwolf slowly pieces together an entire unknown history of his race: how werewolves came to Earth, lived peacefully alongside humans for countless eons, and eventually became a despised threat.

It’s a perception the werewolf elders are eager to change. As humans in Proudwolf’s small town learn of their existence, the werewolves make plans to go national, with a major address to the nation. Nevertheless, the plans of one mysterious man could throw a wrench into their efforts. Can Proudwolf escape this threat in time to change the public’s perception about werewolves and bring peace and understanding to the world?

The WolfQuest Saga is at once a richly detailed alternative history and tension-filled fantasy that will change the way readers see werewolves forever. Indeed, the wolf’s poor reputation is one reason author Nuel Douglas Windrow set out to tell the story.

“The wolf is one of my favorite animals,” Windrow says. “I have read many stories about the wolf as a misunderstood creature, and so I thought it would be a good idea to write a story about a werewolf hero.”

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