Fans can catch a sneak preview of the brand new H.P. Lovecraft film, The Whisperer in Darkness on Thursday, May 19th at 9:15 pm at The Bigfoot Crest Theatre (1262 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles). Directed by Sean Branney, the HPLHS Motion Pictures film runs 104 minutes.

Description: Gigantic flying mutants from other dimensions … disembodied brains kept alive in metal canisters … murky New England woods haunted by ancient legend and ritual: welcome to the world of author H.P. Lovecraft! Skeptical folklore professor Albert Wilmarth (Matt Foyer) discovers a century-old manuscript describing weird creatures and demonic rituals in the remote Vermont hills – setting off a chain of events that will lead him deep into the mountains and to the very edge of madness as he confronts the true purpose of these shadowy visitors from the dark edges of the universe.

From the same Los Angeles-based independent film team who brought you the terrific The Call Of Cthulhu in 2005 – widely hailed as perhaps the best Lovecraft film adaptation ever – comes a Sneak Preview of their brand-new feature The Whisperer In Darkness, based on one of the author’s most terrifying stories. Shot on a shoestring budget with great creativity and imagination, Whisperer is a loving homage to classic B&W supernatural horror films of the 1930’s (it’s deliberately set in 1931, the year Lovecraft first published “The Whisperer In Darkness” in Weird Tales magazine), and even features a sly cameo appearance by the godfather of cryptozoology himself, Charles Hoy Fort.

Here’s the trailer:

Discussion with director, producer and co-writer Sean Branney; producer, co-writer and production designer Andrew Leman; producer, cinematographer and editor David Robertson, and other cast & crew will follow the showing.

Spirits in the Dark: Horror at the Crest is a monthly series presented with the website featuring fan favorites, tributes to legendary horror directors in-person, and sneak previews of works by exciting new genre filmmakers. Upcoming events to look out for include director Stuart Gordon in-person with his delirious Re-Animator (fresh off the success of “Re-Animator: The Musical” currently playing on-stage in L.A.) and a screening of John Carpenter’s eerie 1980 classic The Thing (soon to be remade in a prequel due out later this year.)

Here’s a glimpse of the incredible Bigfoot Crest Theatre:

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