by Sean Taylor

Michael Vance is one of the few guys I know who is included in the Who’s Who of American Comic Books, and Comic Book Superstars. In addition to that, his history book, Forbidden Adventure: The History of the American Comics Group, has been called a “benchmark in comics history.”

It was an honor when Michael took time out of his busy schedule to chat with us.

Sean Taylor: Tell us a bit about your latest work.
Michael Vance: My latest book was just published. Here’s the news release.

Pro Se Productions proudly announces its latest novel, a three story collection crafted by a trio of top talents, all about a supermarket tabloid where all the stories within its pages are true! Global Star delivers tongue-in-cheek satirical wit and more weirdness than you can shake an alien cabana boy at, all thanks to the wonderful storytelling skills of R. A. Jones, Mel Odom, and Michael Vance.

Want to fly headlong into alien abductions? Ready to hunt mysterious monsters in the bowels of your city? Curious about what Elvis has been up to since he got laid off? Find the Story Behind the Stories, the Truth too True To Print in the Global Star! Jones, Vance, and Odom relate the exploits of the finest editors, colorful reporters, and raucous staffers working on the world’s one tabloid where every word is true! Follow these pen and paper pushers as they go anywhere, do anything, and stop at nothing to bring you the news that makes the Global Star the greatest newspaper on-and off- Earth! Get the whole story in this tongue-in-cheek satirical funfest!.

Global Star, with fantastic cover and interior design by Sean E. Ali, is available via Amazon as well as Pro Se’s own site, and can be snatched up from Amazon for the Kindle, Barnes and Noble for the Nook, and in various and sundry digital forms. Don’t wait for the werewolves to baby sit your babies born with bowling balls in their stomachs!

ST: What are the themes and subjects you tend to revisit in your work?
MV: The follies of human beings.

SE: What would be your dream project?
MV: I just finished it, the writing of and publication of a trilogy of novels called Weird Horror Tales, Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting, and Weird Horror Tales: Light’s End. Each of the novels is set in a town in Maine called Light’s End.

ST: If you have any former project to do over to make it better, which one would it be, and what would you do?
MV: I wrote two comic book mini-series of which only the first issues were published. I’d like to rewrite The Adventures of Captain Nemo and Bloodtide as novels.

ST: What inspires you to write?
MV: God.

SE: What writers have influenced your style and technique?
MV: William Faulkner, H. G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury.

ST: Where would you rank writing on the “Is it an art or it is a science continuum?” Why?
MV: At its best, writing is confession.

ST: Any other upcoming projects you would like to plug?
MV: I am working on a Young Adult Christian SF novel called The Egg.

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