The WanderersPermuted Press has lowered the price on its digital edition of The Wanderers by Carlos Sisi. The new $.99 price will be in place until August 22nd.

Description: One of the bestselling apocalyptic thrillers in Spain available for the first time in English!

The city of Malaga is dead, but the promised eternal rest has yet to come to its inhabitants.

In the Carranque camp, thirty survivors have built a shelter to keep out the dangers of the world. They fight not only to recover the city, but also the physical and mental degradation of surviving day to day after the pandemic.

One of the survivors, Isabel, casts handwritten notes from the penthouse into the dead-filled streets below. But a mad priest, Father Isidro, is the only living soul to find these cries for help. And now he knows precisely where to find the camp and carry out his morbid judgment.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: The Wanderers

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