Variant Squad Captain Joe Borland returns in The Variant Effect: Painkiller, a gut-wrenching novella of grisly horror by G. Wells Taylor available in free multi-format downloads at and other locations.

“So Borland’s plan was to drink the Listerine, get ready to experience the full pain and panic of having his belly muscles cut open, then do something violent and reckless that would likely get him shot. Perfect. His fellow veteran, Captain Hyde, would recognize the little Borland touches.”

Author of Bent Steeple, The Apocalypse Trilogy and Wildclown’s World of Change, G. Wells Taylor continues the popular Variant Effect Series in Painkiller.

Get a free copy of The Variant Effect for your digital library at,,,,, iBookstore,, and where all other G. Wells Taylor titles are available as multi-format eBook for $3.99 or to order in paperback.

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