Episode 3 of Midnight Horror Show titled “The Uninvited Visitor” is up and running. Midnight Horror Show is a horror YouTube channel releasing 1-2 episodes a month. As of the moment, they are a two man team, which consists of Rudy Gold, the creator of Midnight Horror Show and Christian Guzman.

“The Uninvited Visitor” is directed by Christian Guzman.

Description: When you have a midnight visitor knocking at your door would you answer? Does curiousity always kill the cat?

Here’s the episode:

Executive Producer Rudy Gold
Produced by Gold Standard, DIY Productions, and J Martin Films

Starring Katelin Peterson
Guest Starring Christian Guzman
Edited by Cristian Guzman, Rudy Gold
Sound design by Christian Guzman
Original Score by Erin Powell

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