ChiZine Publications will release the post-apocalyptic novel The Tel Aviv Dossier in trade paperback on July 1, 2009, available exclusively for pre-order from its website until June 30.

Written by Lavie Tidhar and Nir Yaniv, The Tel Aviv Dossier documents the destruction of the city of Tel Aviv and the life that carries on in its ruins. Told through letters, transcripts, and personal accounts, the book describes a whirlwind that came from the sea and laid waste to the city and its inhabitants. In its wake, survivors struggle to stay alive—facing the challenges of finding food and safety as well as dealing with the memories of unexplainable nightmare images they encountered during the city’s destruction.

The trade paperback edition is available for ordering from ChiZine Publications, which is offering a 15% discount on the cover price for all pre-orders received by June 30, 2009. Pre-ordered copies will ship on July 1, 2009.

Complete details are available (including the first 30 pages as a free PDF download)at: The Tel Aviv Dossier

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