The Stoughton Journal is currently running an interview with John Grover, one of its hometown natives. Grover has been a horror writer since he was 16, and his latest book, Feminine Wiles, has been garnering widespread praise from readers and critics. The book is a collection of short stories that take a horror staple – weak female characters – and turns it on its head, with women taking the role of all of the bad guys with supernatural powers.

Description: Think that women are the softer sex? Well think again! These women will prove you wrong-dead wrong. Gathered in this volume are sixteen tales of ladies of darkness, women of horror, sisters of the night, witness as they turn the tables on their male counterparts with cunning, intelligence and beauty to blaze a hellish path through horror fiction. From the fair maiden to the withered crone women have always had a place in supernatural and horror literature but never have they taken the spotlight as they do now. Read on as they prove that men aren’t the only villains to be reckoned with and that they can be every bit as lethal. Every story in this collection features a female villain in all her dark glory from the femme fatale to the wicked witch. You will find no damsels in distress or dim-witted victims in this book-only seductive, cunning, savage and strong villains to make your nightmares sweeter than you could ever imagine. Will you go willingly when they summon, will you succumb when they seduce you, will you fall prey to their Feminine Wiles?

In addressing his love of the horror genre, Gover says: “It’s a safe thrill. I’m a chicken in real life; I don’t even like roller coasters. But the thrill of the unknown, of the mystery that is the afterlife and of the supernatural, that’s what I find exciting.”

You can catch the interview in its entirety here: John Grover

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