Martin Silenus is making his mini-novelette, The Song of God, available for free as a Kindle download between June 13th and June 17th, 2012.

Description: The Song of God, Silenus’s maiden foray into the world of literature, will feature the obligatory plot twist, a scene in space, a walkabout around Mars and a peek into the Oval Office. Silenus, however, decided against the inclusion of a full-bosomed female rocket scientist character into the story to maintain what little dignity he has left.

About The Author: Martin Silenus is a professional spelunker, gold prospector and political scientist.
He drives a 2010 Black & Decker cordless electric lawn mower, and owns two Kenwood 2-Slice Radio Toaster. He has plans to upgrade the toaster to a DeLonghi 4-Slice stainless steel model.

In his free time, he paints racing stripes on random cars in the neighborhood and rescues Cambodian children from the Jolie mansion. He no longer saves kittens from burning buildings due to pending litigation.

You can download your free Kindle copy here: The Song of God

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